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Hi, when a button is clicked, a Zoom meeting is created. I want that the link to the created Zoom meeting is sent to the current user via E-mail automatically. The issue is that I don’t know what an access token is and how I can get it from Zoom. Has is something in common with API? Can somebody please help me.

Best wishes Jakob

Learn basic API protocol before trying to use them

I don’t want to become a developer. I just need to do this project in which I need an access token for zoom. Do you know how I can get it?

You gotta pick. Learn it or hire someone to do it

Bro, that’s why this forum exists. To help out each other. If you don’t want to help somebody, fine, but in that case just don’t reply in the first place.

I was actually helping you; I just wasnt doing the work for you.

The forum does not exist (I believe) for someone to spam post questions which essentially requires a community member to determine the issue and the solution and then provide step-by-step tutorials for how to do implement.

When you do that you are hurting the entire bubble community as ppl are less likely to help out when they have to filter out such requests and mute such members which results in bubblers having difficulty getting help

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I just want to know how I can get this access token. I think the issue is well outlined. I don’t need to understand everything that runs in the back, I only need this code and put it in the field.

You need to understand whats going on…

Generaly in Zoom you have two types of “connection”.
1 - JWT(probably) - when you create meeting only on your single zoom connected account (via simple acces key)
2 - OAuth2.0 - when you want to allow users to connect their own zoom account to your app and create/manage their meetings. (lot harder to make and imposible to go to production because of zoom technical review and bubble technical outdate… I lost near 4 month, last year to make this hapend and finaly I got messages from both sides - bubble and zoom - it cant be done. I wiped this all and made Google Meet / Google Calendar api in one week)

Back to your case @Jakob1 , you need to create account and app in zoom developer portal, and meet all their policies, and fill some important data (it is more work to do than you might have thought of it first)
Anyway you must read ablout it and learn yourself becouse ppl didn’t do this kind of zoom connections evry day (mayby closer to one time in live) and probably they simply didnt remember (as I) all the steps you should do by yourself in your specific case to get the api key.
Create new App, chose JWT token type of app (if it meet your case) and do all the needed steps on zoom dev page and you should get this key :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you very much :smiley:
I’ll try it, if it doens’t work I’ll use Google Meet like you.

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