Cant Find My Field In Search Bar

When I go to my Search Bar to format it it says that there is no field for me to use when i have created a field i want to use. Say I want to search for a first and last name in my database, it doesn’t show that field in the drop down box.

Please Help, Thanks in advance. ( Will send pictures if you Don’t get what I’m having trouble with )

Hello @lossantosfinest.lsf :slight_smile: For the searchbox element, the field has to be a single text field within the data type. It unfortunately can’t be a combination of two text fields, or a text field that is within a custom data type field. I’m not sure if this answers your question, but if not, I’m happy to take a look at your screenshots/data structure!

I am currently making a CAD / MDT For my RolePlay organization, I’m needing to be able to look up the names and plates of things they submit.

The following pictures is what I’m trying to explain to u in the above msg.

Got it :slight_smile: If the data is all going to be saved/stored/queried in the app, the data structure should first reflect the types of content which will be inputted and saved by Users.

For example, Civilian, License Plate, Ticket, Vehicle, and Warrant will probably need to be their own data type, with the fields needed for each. Then each of those custom data types will have fields within them, that you can then use in the search box element. Currently you have the type of content for each field as type ‘List of Civilian Registrations’, which is not a text field and won’t display as an option for the search box element.

If you create a new type for each of those fields, this should work. For example, you could have a new data type such as ‘Civilian’. Within that type, there could be fields such as ‘First Name’ (type: text, list: no) and ‘Last Name’ (type: text, list: no).

Each Civilian will probably have one or more License plates, so you can create another custom data type called License Plate.

Within that type, you can ‘link’ a Civilian to it by creating a field within License Plate called ‘Civilian’ (type: Civilian’, list: no). Then add other fields to the License Plate data type, that are needed, such as ‘Number’ (type: number, list: no). To make querying easier, you could also add a field to the Civilian data type, to store their list of License Plates, called ‘License Plates’ (type: License Plate, list: yes).

I would focus on creating and saving the data in the way you need to first, and then you can use the searchbox to query the data. :slight_smile:

I will try that, if I further questions I will make sure to ask you. THANKS

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Sounds good! :slight_smile: No problem at all!

Fixed it, had to change the Modify list to the correct one cause I deleted the old one.

I do need help with getting the values correct cause when I search it I want it to show up with the Name, amount of tickets and warrants and what they are and if there drivers license is valid.

Thanks in advance.^

No problem! :slight_smile: Do you have a page where this information is inputted/saved for Civilians to share? I’m happy to take a look at how the values are being saved and the overall data structure. If you can share a link, you can set the application to public temporarily by going to Settings --> General --> Applications Rights --> Everyone can view, or everyone can edit.

I sent u a message of the Link to the view/edit. It explains more of what I’m wanting people to be able to do. Mainly need help with the data values and stuff like that.