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Saving Photos to S3

In order to save a photo from an external API to S3, can this only be done through a ‘Picture Uploader’ input?

Is there a reason the option is not available through ‘Image’ element? It seems to me that the actions being performed are the same. When getting/displaying a photo from an external API, all you have is the link.

There is an option to have an image and save it to S3. This isn’t something you do at the image level, but in a workflow.

Right. But it seems like the option to save to S3 is only possible when the photo link comes through a Picture Uploader input. If the workflow is referring to an Image element, then the option to Save to S3 isn’t available then.
My question is why it’s not available at that point?
Is there a fundamental difference between the Picture Input and Image element? Ultimately they’re both getting a url passed to them (when a photo comes from an external API)

How do you refer to an image in a workflow? I think there is a confusion there. An image has a dynamic image field which is a data source. A workflow can refer to the same data source. But a workflow doesn’t refer to an image, except to show or hide it.