Can't locate my pop up

hi there - i’ve made a pop up for signing up and i want to connect a button to it > i.e if user clicks “sign up” then there is a “show element” event which brings up the pop up - but for some reason bubble isn’t locating that pop up?

any ideas?

P.s i’ve been following the basic recipe website guide and followed it step by step - for some reason this isn’t working the same…

Is the popup a reusable element?

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yeah i’ve just converted it to one and still having same issue

Have you added it to the page?

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on my index page i have the sign up button (which has a condition where it only displays if a user is logged out) and i have also added the re-useable pop-up to that page too

to add @adamhholmes - the signup button is in its own re-usable group which is being used as the page header > it only seems to be permitting me to “show elements” from within that group?

okay so i guess the pop up needs to be within the button’s own group >> works now ! thx for being there !

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