Can't place a custom state on top of a floating top bar?

Is it really true that I can not place a custom states element on top of a Floating top bar in my Bubble app?

What do you mean by ‘a custom states element’?

My custom state element is a group that I will use instead of a popup as this will cover the entire page vs a popup that will not unless it is related to a top element of a page which is not an option for me…

I’m not sure what a Custom State Element is?..

Do you just mean the element on which you’ve set the custom state?

In any case, I’m not sure I understand the issue, or what you’re trying to do (or why you can’t do it)…

Could you explain a bit more what the issue is?

You must make sure your “custom state element” is actually a REUSABLE element that is on every page. This will ensure you can use “its states” globally.