Cant remove users from users list

I know it could be very simple but im struggling with this all day
i need to remove users from a list of users

it doesnt show any error but it doesnt remove the users from the list
Im afraid that it is privacy problem easy to create a new user list but cant be change by other the creator. I tried to remove all privacy from the parent dB type: Games-to-review
Still no go.
Thank you in advance

Try adding :unique elements before minus item Current User
It’s possible that the Current User appears multiple times on the list

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Right now you’re telling Bubble you’re trying to make a change a list of Users (like actually make changes to the users themselves), but really what you need to do is “Make changes to a thing” and pick the Parent group’s Games-to-review

Then click the “+ Change another field” and actually pick the “User” field and do remove Current User

Sorry, still didnt remove the user

This way it shows me error:

That it is user list and should be done by:changing user list

Delete that action and do “make changes to a thing” not a list of things. Then reference the thing to change just “Parent group’s Games-to-review” (nothing after that)

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Then press the “+ Change another field” and pick the Users field, then do remove Current User

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Hey, @gefmos,

I think you should Make changes to a thing instead of Make changes to a list of things, so:

  1. Make changes to a thing, and maybe the thing to change is the Parent group's Games-to-review
  2. Change another field and select the field that has the type user's
  3. And then you enter the expression on that field: Parent group's Games-to-review's Users:minus item Current User

Hope this helps :slight_smile: :computer:


THNX… it works!!! becuase people like you I still trying big hug.
But how to know which path to use???


So think of it this way, in your first picture you did “Make changes to a list of things”. That is used to make the same change to multiple things. So people use this to bulk change something about a bunch of users.

What you wanted to do was just not change anything about users, but make a change to a single Games-to-review’s field (which happens to be a list of Users). So you pick the Games-to-review, then by pressing the + sign you tell Bubble which fields you want to change and what to change them to.

Notice there were more options than remove, you can set the list to a completely different list of users, you can add a list to the existing list, etc.

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TNX, i guess practice will make the difference

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