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Trying To Reference Parent Groups User When Making Changes To A List of things

Hey Guys,

So I’m not too sure what I’m doing wrong but I’m hoping someone can help me out or lead me in the right direction.

At the moment I have 2 data types, Locations & Users… In the User data, I have a field that’s set as a list of locations and is linked to the location data type so each user can be assigned a location

In my application main page, I have a repeating group that holds a list of users with a button that opens that current users staff profile

In the staff profile on the left-hand side, I have a repeating group that holds the current locations that the user is assigned to

Now, this is where I seem to be stuck, I want the current user (Admin) to be able to remove a location from the user their viewing with the trash Icon In the repeating group, I’ve put the icon in a group and when I go to create the workflow I got make changes to a list of things, but when it comes to the data source I don’t have the option to select the user the admin was viewing. Normally I’d select parent groups user but for some reason, that’s not an option. The only thing I’ve been able to do is to remove the location from every user is assigned to not the specific one the admin was viewing

here is the link to the editor to view the application if that helps:

Thank you so much In advance

Hi there, @gymscale… I see you have some privacy rules in place… could they be getting in the way of the desired behavior?


Hey Mike,

I don’t believe so, because when viewing the app as the admin I’m able to see everything I need to see and everything I don’t want to see

The problem I seem to be having is referencing the list of the parent groups user when I want to make changes to a list

I seem to be able to reference it everywhere except when going to the workflow to make changes to a list

Oh, wait… I could be off base here, but I don’t think you want to make changes to a list of things when the trash can icon is clicked. Instead, make changes to a user (the parent group’s user), and the change to make is to remove the current cell’s location from that user’s list of locations. Make sense?

Absolutely that makes sense, As you see I’ve placed the trash Icon inside the repeating group because I want it to show in every cell the only problem is when I click the Trash Icon to create the workflow the parent group user choice seems to have just disappeared… The only option it gives me is current cells location or current cells index

I’m just super confused cause I was able to reference parent group users in the repeating group itself but any element inside that group it’s not an option so I’m not sure how I’m able to access the parent group users locations list

I just set up an example on my end, and I think you should be able to set the Thing to change to Group Staff Info Block's User. Are you able to set it to that?

Ahhhh thank you so much you’re the best! Been trying to figure that out for awhile lol

Do you know the reason why I wasn’t able to select Parent Groups User and had to select the block? I’ve never seen that before!

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My pleasure… happy to hear it’s working now.

I assume the reason there is no option for Parent Group's User is because the repeating group is a list of locations, and the repeating group is the parent group of the elements inside of it.