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Cant send data to next page

Can you explain how i would do this?

Seems this is the best way to do it.

I appreciate your help Adam.

So i am noticing an issue when doing it this way.

The Id number is being sent over and then i utilize that ID # to display data per an API, The problem I’m running into is that the Page isn’t displaying the data every time. Sometimes i navigate over to the page and everything is completely empty & other times it will display the data. This is obviously a problem, i cant have users navigate over to a page to have the data be completely empty.

Why is this happening and how do i fix it?

I’ve no idea… but it sounds like a problem with the API… so I’d look into that first…

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Is there a way to integrate a loading screen if the API isn’t responding fast enough?

Lets say Like 3 seconds and if the data isn’t sent to Bubble the loading page shows and once the data is retrieved then the user can be sent over to the page
Make it so that the API loads before the page somehow??

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