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Cant send data to next page

I am getting data from xano and plugging it into bubble.

The data shows up, in this case a user, but when i click on a specified user to go to their profile page it doesn’t allow me to send it’s data to that page. Why? how do i fix this?

Hi @JohnT
In order for it to work
you need to set the type of content for the "user_profile"page
like this

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Ah, I actually had it set to “user” but since I’m using an API i guess i needed to make it empty. Thanks for pointing that out brother helped me out a lot!

Actually, that didn’t work.

If i use the type"user" it doesnt allow me to send the data but if i keep it empty it allows me to send it over but then i cant get the current page data

Well i am not much aware of xano API current user data.
maybe @adamhholmes can help?

Yeah idk, I messed up somewhere. ill try and play around with the function stack in the backend

If i set the current page’s type of content to nothing I can send the data over, but if set it to “user” i cant send the data over. Weird

Hi @JohnT

if you set type of content of page to user
Then it expects “user” data (the entire user table data for that particular user)
What i see here is you are sending an “id” which can be text or number

Nah its just part of the API, if i change it it still doesn’t work

If the destination page has a content type of ‘User’ then (obviously) the data you send must be of type ‘User’…

And I’m guessing (from your screenshot) that what you’ve got in the expression currently is of type ‘text’ (it will tell you when you hover over it)

If you want want to send User data to the page then you’ll need to define an actual User (from yoru Bubble User database) to send…

all my data is coming from an external database

When i provide the page sata type as “user” it does NOT allow me to send the data over. even if i chagen it to just a “user” without the "ID’

see here:

What does Current cell's Get agent evaluate to? (hover over it with the mouse if you’re not sure, or look at the issue checker)…

it correlates to a repeating group which is a list of users from an API

It actually evaluates to a User? (it says that?..)

dude my API is a Get users call, yes. The “current cell” correlates to that repeating group, at least that’s what shows when hovered

A type of ‘Get User’ (from an API call) is not the same as a type of ‘User’… hence the type mismatch you’re seeing…

In any case, if you’re certain that the data you’re trying to send is a User, the page content type is set to User, and it’s not working then there must be something wrong, so I’d contact Bubble support…

If the group is not type “user” then how would i convert it? since its an API. Im probably doing something wrong but cant see it.

The repeating group is data from an external source which is where my users are stored. Not sure if that means it is in fact “users” or not.

I must also note that i can send the data over when the page’s data type is empty.

I don’t know. I even played around with the backend and it still doesn’t work.

If your app doesn’t have any Users (as in Bubble User datatype entries) then you won’t be able to use a content-type of User on the page (as a page content-type can only be one of your Bubble data types, not API data)….

So if all you data is from an external database, you can leave the content type of the page empty, and set the data to send to be some ID of the data in your external database (that will append that ID into the URL path).

Then you can access the data on the page using you API call, getting the ID from the URL path.

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