Can't show user their password on profile page


I am trying to build an “account info” page where the user can go and look at their email, password, and other info about their account. However, I am finding it extremely difficult to show the user their password (I can’t find the option for “Current User’s Password” as dynamic data to display). How do I make this happen? And of course, I would want them to be able to reset/update their password if they want to, so not sure if there is a separate function for this (should just be an input box to update it, I believe).

Thanks in advance!

Bubble doesn’t have a built in feature for this because of privacy issues. I personally would never display a user’s password for their privacy sake. But if you absolutely want to show a user’s password, there is a way to do it with a plugin. The plugin is called, “Reveal & Hide Password Plugin” by @ZeroqodeSupport. I’ve linked it below.

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Yep I understand the privacy concerns. Just as a user, I would want to see it. But then again I can always just have a reset password email sent out.

Thank you for the plugin!

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