Can't switch between tabs


In the home page, I can’t switch between tabs (Apps, plugins, templates).

Is there anyone have the same trouble?

Yes, same issue here


Same here! :grimacing: If it doesn’t magically fix itself :slight_smile: in the next few minute I’ll raise a bug report …

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Support ticket created. The Bubble user community is one massive 24/7 online monitoring system for Bubble. No need to put in any testing or monitoring - it’s got us doing it for them :slight_smile:

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Haha :smiley: Yeah, Bubble is so lucky. I hope it is solved quickly.

Mind boggling… Omg

Maybe an update coming :slight_smile:

Same for me. Also seeing odd behavior in the editor.

*My App data views are all gone. Dev and Prod.


Yeah, it’s like the tab link is redirecting to /apps real quick on

Same here. All database views are gone… Dev and Live

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Hey all - we believe we have rolled out a fix for this issue - please let me know if you are still seeing it though. Sincerest apologies for the disruption!

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@nick.carroll… if you mean the tabs issue (not the database views issue that was also called out in this thread), I am still seeing the tabs problem.

I see the fix for the tabs issue went out like 30 seconds ago - do you mind trying again?

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Looks good now.

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Whatever was causing tab navigation to fail there is fixed now.

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Thanks for flagging! Again, apologies for any inconvenience caused by these issues :confused:


Looks good too…after a hard browser cache reset.

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