Cant update live version NEED HELP!

My live version keeps on perpetually asking to reload changes. When i try to preview my dev version pages all say something has changed and needs to reload even when i change nothing. When I make changes to test the preview it doesnt show up on the page, i can delete the whole page contents but it will still show the previous information when i preview the page. It only happens on two pages of my app on the live version but when it does it locks users out from using the page because the app doesnt believe it has the latest version and wants you to reload even thou it is up to date. So on those two pages you can view all the information but if you wanted to log in or out or comment you wouldnt be able to because it tells you to reload. I reverted my app back to last week when i didnt have any problems and the problems still persist. I genuinely dont know what to do now. Everything i have tried has not worked and i checked previous threads. (Restarting and deleting cache, closing other browsers.) Is this a bug? main problem happened after i cloned the index page but persisted after i deleted clones and reverted back to last week.

I’d take a recording of your issue and contact bubble support. Try to gather as much example and steps to reproduce if you can.


Okay well in the meantime could you do me a favor and check out my app then go to the week 1 clips button and click it. Does the page it loads tell you that it needs to be updated and refreshed or does it function normally? If you wanted to be a real great help you could also sign up and tell me if the profile page asks to be refreshed or functions normally. On my desktop it doesnt work but my iphone does so I’m a little confused on the scope of the bug.

Clicking Week 1 from Chrome on macOS works normally for me, no refresh warning. Made a test account under [email protected] and that worked too, no refresh warnings! Hope that helps.

Thank you so much!

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