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Can't upload another image

I have created a form that enables me to create a thing with an image. I create the thing, the image is stored, the content is reset. But when I go to create another thing, it won’t allow me to upload another image. I have to refresh the page before the picture uploader input once again will take an uploaded image and display it in the input.

So, I guess for now I have to refresh the page.

Maybe you can just refresh using an action. Try element actions > reset content or reset data.

That does not work unfortunately. It’s a very odd issue indeed.

Does this happen when you upload two different images without refreshing the page? Or are you uploading the same image for both entries?


It is in fact the same file name. I was doing this of course for testing purposes since I didn’t need them to be unique for testing. I’ll try different images. Thanks

No problem :slight_smile: Not sure if that will do it, but I think I had run into this as well when testing. If it doesn’t, perhaps reseting the Group might, instead of reset relevant inputs?

In fact, it was that I was uploading the same image which caused the bug. I would not ever be uploading the same file multiple times so PROBLEM solved!? Thank you for spotting that and pointing it out @fayewatson!

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Awesome! :smiley: No problem at all @marcusjamesreed! The same thing sometimes happens when uploading a background image, clearing it, (editing/saving the image in photoshop), and then uploading the image again. So if that ever happens it’s probably because it’s the same file name twice there as well!

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