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Can I Integrate with Knackhq Database

Hey guys,

So here is my situation. Over the past couple of years I’ve built several apps for my employers.

The first one I built was on Zoho Creator and was initially designed to be a simple inventory management system to track locations and status of about 150 storage sheds we had across three sales office locations. Over the next six months that app quickly morphed into a full sales and delivery management system that has served us well.

Soon after, our main building manufacturer asked me to create an app to manage their manufacturing process. By this time I was frustrated with some of the UI limitations in Zoho Creator and had come across the Knack builder so I built their entire system in Knack. There were no plans at all that these two systems would need to be integrated at any point in the future.

Bring on 2017 and that manufacturer bought out the sales company I work for. We are currently using the two systems side by side but it requires a ton of oversight and double entry to keep all the data accurate and current.

I want to rebuild the sales and delivery management system anyway because there are some majorly annoying issues in it’s original design. (lack of design is probably the better way to put it. It morphed and I had never built any type of database before in my life)

So here we are, I’m looking at Knack and trying to satisfy myself with using it and fighting the mountain of limitations to get a front end that isn’t a pain to use.

And now I’ve gotten a taste of Bubble and the ability Bubble provides to do everything I want to do without bumbling through hundreds of lines of CSS targeting specific views and fields.

I’m dying to use Bubble to rebuild the sales and delivery management app but I need integration. What I built for the manufacturing side works incredibly well and is solid and my boss doesn’t want to move from the system that is working.

That’s the long story of where I am. My short question is, is there anyway to push records back and forth between Bubble and Knack?

I’m not a Knack specialist, but as they seem to expose an API (, you should be able to build a plugin or use the API connector for your app. If their API is comprehensive, you should be able to both retrieve data and modify it.