Case Example of improper setting DataSource & Repeating group

So I was doing a project for a client last week and the issue was speed of repeating groups.

It was taking 20-30seconds from Page Load to get the data loaded.

Initial configurations:

The site is for blogs:

Blogs are grouped by day published formatted as 1/1/2020 . So essential fields are

( Blog data) / date(text)/date

To display the blogs

Search for blog dates formatted as 1/1/2020 unique elements.

It wi’ll display this in a text elememt

1/1/2020,1/2/2020,1/3/2020 and so on

Remember the blog had the date(text) field

So the app had a repeating group inside a repeating group

Data source

Do a search for blogs
Filter : Date(text) = current cell text (I.e 1/1/2020)

This takes ages to Load and will become extremely slow with increasing database.

The all idea is to sort blog post by day created. Today, Yesterday,15 days ago or simply 2/15/2020 then blogs for that date

Be interested to here about what you would have done to resolve this so as To Help others interested in creating a blogging site in the future. Will give my implementation after other suggestion. (Resolved to load in under 3 sec from +20sec)

Could you post some screenshots of how you initially approached this and the output? Having trouble understanding your description.

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Don’t use a nested repeating group

Here is an explanation of how I implemented for faster results