Catalogue page url

Hello Bubblers, I’m new to bubble and it is awesome!

I’m building a platform and hope someone can help me:

On the platform, retail locations can 1.create their profile 2.upload their inventory (and edit it) and 3. preview their ‘catalogue’. This catalogue is on a separate page and will be transactional with add to cart buttons.

The idea is that stores will use that ‘catalogue’ page as their storefront, and would be able to distribute it by sending the url in different ways, but right now that content only appears when a user is logged in. Is there a way to make this a public page that can be accessed via url, so that anyone can see the catalogue without creating an account?

thank you!

I seem to have managed to show the profile page for not logged in users but to be honest quite a fluke. This I how set up the data on the repeating group, does anybody know if this is correct?

Thank you!

What’s the conditional set on your rg?
Did you want your rg to show all user data or just the ‘list of items’ data field?

Hi @dylan.b.anderson, the conditional is ‘when current user isn’t logged in’ this element is visible.
Basically the users are business locations who would create a storefront with: Name, Address, Profile photo, and also have a section with their list of items.
This page would then be accessed by ‘customers’ who’d access via url but not necessarily be registered on the platform. What would be the best way to achieve this? I have the profile page set up as two repeating groups one on the top (name, address, profile photo) and one below with the list of items.

Thank you!