Change color of page along with elements accordingly

Can we achieve this in bubble to select a color from a color picker and apply it on your page like bright and black theme but a custom color theme …

Yes you can…Bubble allows you to set the color of something with a dynamic expression…so you need to link the selected value from the color picker (which likely is a Hex Code) to the color of the page…one easy way to do that is to have a custom state that is set based on the color picker value changing and make that custom state value the color pickers value…then you page color would use the dyanmic expression to reference the custom state value.

You can also save this to a User data type and have a field for ‘color’ of type text to save the Hex Code to the User and have the page color use the dynamic expression of Current Users Color (ie: the data field of color that is of type text on the User data type)

But i am unable to give dynamic color value to the background color

Thank You for your reply and solution :grinning:

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