Change one field of different things with a radio button

Hi all,

I have a data type “inventory”, another data type called “devices”.

I have some radio buttons to change the status of the inventory (to Pending) and I also want the status of each “devices” to change (also to Pending).

How can I manage that? Thank you

Have another step in your workflow Make changes to a list of things and get your list (Do a search?) and set the relevant field to Pending

Capture d’écran 2023-03-20 à 20.13.52

Yes I am trying to do that but I don’t know what to chose from there, expression is incomplete… What should I do?

Looks like you did the action Make changes to a thing when you should do the action Make changes to a list of things. Then after that:

“Type of things” choose your Appareils datatype (Or your devices datatype, what the datatype is for that list field)
“List to change” make it Parent group's Inventair's Related Liste Appareils

Then press the “+ Change another field” button and pick your Status field, then set to what you want

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Thank you, I just tried that and for some reason, whenever I press the button to make the workflow happen, the devices (appareils) in the list won’t change their status, I don’t get it…

Screenshot the workflow you said you tried, also make sure privacy rules aren’t in the way of your user actually seeing those other devices in the database

Thanks Tyler, I finally found the solution. It was in a group with dynamic data, so I had to display data in the group each time page was refreshed and so the WF could work

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