Radio Buttons to change various data

Hey guys, can we change different fields at the same time by just changing the radio button? How can it be done easily, thank you :slight_smile:

Sure, just run a make changes to Thing action when the radio button’s value changes.

thank you I will try it ! also it is normal that each time I make a change to a value in the database it the app data a second table appears, is this temporary?

Ok not entirely sure what you mean…

but it certainly doesn’t sound normal.

I mean when I make a change to a field in the database, I have this happening:

What’s happening? (it’s just a still picture… I can’t see anything happening?!..)

If you mean additional “child” views of your DB on the left - yes. As soon as you try to modify “parent” view (adding or deleting a field to display) - new “child” view will be created.

I get it, so I can erase it without problem , thank you both for the help