Dropdown resetting after data being displayed in group

I have a dropdown whose options are an option set. This dropdown sits inside a parent group. The action attached to the dropdown when the input value has changed is to display data in the parent group which is the results of an external api call.

When test this out and change the dropdown value, everything works fine except for the fact that the dropdown value resets itself. The displayed value should be what I just set it to. I have run this step by step and the reset occurs exactly when the action is run to display the data in the parent group. I have tried moving the dropdown outside of the parent group and now this functionality works as expected.

I have checked all the relevant workflows and there is no “reset relevant inputs” action.

For reference, here are the settings of the dropdown:

It’s not going to be easy for me to have the visual look I want (i.e. have the dropdown be where I want it to) and have the same functionality I want if I move it outside of the parent group as there are many other elements that rely on the parent group’s data.

Is there a way to not have this dropdown value get reset?

Thanks in advance

Hi there, @paul29… if I understand your post correctly, maybe you could also set a custom state to the dropdown’s value when the dropdown is changed, and set the default value of the dropdown to the custom state.

Just a thought there… hope it helps.


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Ugh. I hate it when someone comes up with a super simple solution that I definitely should have thought of haha.
Thanks for your solution.

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