Change repeating group thing with reusable element

Hi folks. Really getting myself confused here.

I have looked at @NigelG solution here Sending data to and from a Reusable Element in a Repeating Group, but still for the life of me not figure this out.

In my database I have Investments & Portfolios. The Portfolio thing has a relationship back to Investments with a Investment list field.

I have a RG with thing type investments that shows a result of a search. I then have a reusable element that is another RG showing showing a list of current user portfolios.

The RE group is set to Investment, but the RE is set to Portfolio

When I try to create the workflow I cannot seem to relate back to the selected Investment in the original RG.

Please could I get some advice on how to structure this functionality, ie A user selects the portfolio icon for a particular investment and then assign it to a portfolio.

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According to the last image, you have to set RE data type to investment and add RE’s investment for that workflow, and In Primary Investment RG, when the user clicks on an investment, send the current cell investment to RE.

I tried to explain it so that you would understand, but I know that it might still be confusing. :woozy_face:

Hi. Thanks for the reply

It only seems to work when I link “portfolios” to “investments” (currently I only had investments as a list to portfolios) and first assign the selected “portfolio” to the “investment” then add the investment to the portfolio based on the result of step 1. My only concern was the potential for one investment to be assigned to a large list of portfolios. Right now it does work though.

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you’re welcome.

In fact, the better way to do this is to create another table and create a row for each investment in the portfolios.
In this way, you will improve performance and you will also have records of investments.
Of course, this was the general method, you can add other fields to this data type.