Change Searchbox Typed Text

I have a backend workflow that receives a name of the company.
Company is one of my databases with companies including their names.
But in my database I am not always sure I have this company under the same name, or I can have duplicates.

So my goal is to change the value of the searchbox typed text to the value I receive via backend workflow API call. And let the user confirm it or select something else.

Is there a way I can influence a typed text in a searchbox via workflow or conditon?

This will probably not solution all your challenges in the flow you want, but just answering the input defaut value :

You can set the default value to be dynamic and corresponding to - for example - a custom state. Then through a workflow you’ll force the input to take the state value every time you “reset the input”

Thanks for the suggestion but this is where the problem happens.

Let’s say the company name is Pro-Comp c.o. but from the API I get just Pro-Comp.

I cannot make this value appear in the searchbox as this is not an exact match. Thats why I want to influece typed text not default value. As I cannot match it 1:1.

Would fuzzy search solve your problem? There are various plugins available and the Fuzzy search & Autocomplete Plugin | Bubble plugin is used a lot.

@gerbertdelangen Fuzzy search is awesome, but I always lacked a backend reliable fuzzy search. This plugin is good for that?

I see the plugin is not working with a searchbox so it won’t do.

No indeed, not for backend. But the pro version of this plugin has a backend option. I do not know how well it works.

True, but if you use an input + a repeating group in a popup/group focus you can build your own ‘searchbox’.

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