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Hi All & thanks in advance for helping,

I have a Taxi booking form, passengers* can book a taxi without sign Up or login, then booking details saved in a Data Type (Bookings). Now I want the Passengers to be able to change their booking while they are not a user.
I tried many workarounds without success.
I am after a simple Search form with (Email & Booking Number), find the booking and let the passenger edit all the details and save. and I use a workflow to update the ¨ things ¨ in (Bookings Data type).
can anyone advice how to achieve this? or any workaround?

  • I say passengers because they are not ¨users¨ in BUBBLE terms.

appreciate any help

If you’re using an email and booking number, then you can do exactly what you’ve described…

i.e. search for the Booking with email and boking number, and make changes to it…

What exactly are you having trouble with there?

Thank you for your input,
I tried repeated group and a search box, but I dont want the passenger to see all bookings, when Passenger types his email and booking number and clicks the button, he sees his booking only with a edit button/icon next to it.

I spent countless hours watching/reading tutorials but just cant figure out how to build this search box, can you help? please

There’s no need for a repeating group or a search box for this…

Just have an input for the email address, an input for the booking number, and a button to submit.

When submitted, display the relevant Booking wherever you want to display it (use a display data action to display the booing in a Group with Booking as the content type)

thank you so much, i am going to try this now.

  • when you say (display the booking), I can just make another group and display the result there?

Yeah, have a group with a content type of Booking, but leave its DataSource empty.

Then, when the submit button is clicked, use a Display Data action to display data in that group… with the data to display being a search for Bookings (where the email address and booking number match the input values) first item.

Hi, I finally managed to do it thanks to your help. Thank you very much.

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