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Discard text input changes without reseting group data

I have a repeating group displaying bookings (a data type). When a booking from this repeating group is clicked, I have a popup appear which displays the data fields of that current cell’s booking in the form of text inputs. These text inputs have their initial content set to the parent’s booking.

From this popup, users can click the “make changes” button to edit the text inputs. When a user makes an unwanted change to one of the text inputs, I want them to be able to click a “cancel” button and have the text inputs reset to their initial content.

I figured i would use a workflow to “reset data” but that resets the popups data, so it ends up making all of the text inputs blank.

Any ideas?

Hi @manager :slight_smile: Can you put only those inputs in their own group, and then reset that group when the cancel button is clicked?

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