Changing the order of workflows

Hi, is there an easy way to change the sequence of workflows? E.g. if you have 20 workflows and realize that you need to add another one at spot 15, how do I go about that without having to delete the first 14 and then add them all again? It doesn’t look like you can drag workflows from one spot to another.
Please advise!

Just click between the boxes :slight_smile:

Nothing happens when I click between the boxes :frowning: (on Safari and Chrome)…

Ok let me clarify: I am trying to add additional Workflow events. I did figure out how to add additional actions to events by clicking on the arrows. But there is nothing to click on between event boxes. Is that what you meant, Nigel? Thanks!

Workflows don’t have a sequence, they get run at the same time. So if you have 4 workflows that are triggered by a click on a button, all of them will run at the same time when the user clicks on the button.

So I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do.

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Ah,ok, gotcha.

The “sequence” doesn’t really matter. Adding another workflow event somewhere won’t change anything.

If you are doing it for aesthetic reasons, then you can add a workflow to a folder

And then on the bar to the left of workflow. And you can filter by folder.


Thanks to both of you, Nigel and Emmanuel - I think I got tripped up between events and actions. I thought that if I e.g. have an event “When Page is loaded - x happens” as the first event followed by a conditional event e.g. “When current user is current page user - y happens”, that these would follow a sequence but I guess it just trips up the system ;). But I can remove the “When page loads” event. All good!

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How do I change the order of existing Actions in a Event.

Hey @NigelG :slight_smile: Yes, I love workflow folders. They are helpful for keeping our heads on straight. Additionally, It seemed that the Dominik was wanting to have control over the workflows.

I agree that this is functionally irrelevant, however, I feel that it would help people as they assemble their logic.

I’m sure drag and drop reordering of workflows is somewhere on the todo list for Bubble!


@emmanuel - can you confirm that actions within a workflow do have a pre-defined order? I.e. 2nd action does not start until 1st one is finished?

Context: [Resolved] Bug with ':plus item' function?

I know this is an old question, but I’m new and was looking to do the same thing. I have found the following solution:

Rename the workflows so that the first part of the name is the same for things you want together. It puts them in alphabetical order. I guess you could also use a numbering system, but by renaming, I find it easy to see what is going on.

So, for example, one of my workflow events is auto-named “Icon fa-fa-trash-o is clicked”, but I have that icon in a lot of different places, and I want stuff grouped by where it is on the app, so I renamed it “Read tracking Icon fa-fa-trash-o is clicked”, and also renamed all the other workflows related to the read tracking part of my app so that the workflow names start with “Read tracking”. Now my workflows are all in groups according to where inside of my app they operate, and colour-coded by what function they perform (show a group, hide a group, add a record, delete a record, edit a record etc), I also have folders for groups of things.