Character Editing

Hello everyone.
I have a repeating group, which shows a list of created characters, as seen in the screenshot:
I also have a button, which triggers a popup when creating the character:
But, i don’t have a button which lets you edit the created character.
I want a button, that will let you edit all the information shown in the 2nd screenshot. How do i do that?

Detailed answer/solution would be great, as i am not so experienced with Bubble, thanks.

Awaiting reply,
Chris S.

Ok there´s a few things to do here but it should be easy to follow. These instructions are for creating a popup so you can edit the info from a character in your repeating group.

  1. Create an icon inside the RG cell so it will make the popup appear when clicked. Chose any icon that seems appropriate. The pencil is a good choice.
  2. Create a popup, set the type of content the same as the RG, but with no source. Use inputs for the fields that you want to change, most likely the same fields as the pop up for creating your characters. Create a Save button. Close the popup
  3. Double click the icon you´ll use for showing the popup, click on Start/Edit Workflow. Create the following workflow actions:
    -Element Actions>Display Data: choose the popup. Data to display: Current cell´s Thing (the thing that is the type of the RG)
    -Element Actions>Show the popup
  4. Go back to the Design tab and open the popup. Double click the Save button and click on Start/Edit Workflow. Create the following workflow actions:
    -Data>Make Changes to Thing, Thing to Change: Parent group´s Thing
    -Element Actions>Reset Data, choose the popup
    -Element Actions>Hide choose the popup

This should get you going. You could also choose autobinding for your inputs, which would allow you to change the data directly in the inputs without a saving button and action, but you´ll need to create privacy rules for this. People are used to changing data in a form and then clicking save, so the way I outlined should be fine for most cases.