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Chat Widget To Share

Here is a simple chat widget I’ve shared. It defaults the username to “Joe Smith” but that can be easily changed to current user. I’ve also added a clear chat history button, that obviously wouldn’t be part of the finished product. Enjoy!


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Looks good

Thanks. One thing I’ll work on is the function that keeps the most recent chat line visible makes it impossible to scroll up through the chat history. It “fights” you. I’ll play around with it and look for a fix, or if anyone has any ideas…

You could try having the entry scroll to the last item based on “'when users data is x scroll to last entry”.

I can’t read past messages because it’s scrolling to the bottom every time I try scrolling up.
Here is how I’d of done this: when a new message is sent, I’d set a dataset called “scroll-to-bottom” to ‘yes’ and then setup a workflow “WHEN Current User’s scroll-to-bottom is “yes”” THEN scroll to the bottom of the repeating group and also change back “scroll-to-bottom” to ‘no’.

This way you can scroll down on not just the sender’s phone but also whoever receives the message, it’s useful when building a messaging app for example.

The first url adress givs me this message: Oops! You’ve pointed to Bubble, but we don’t have an application associated with this domain yet!

The second url sends me back to my own start page.

I´d love to try this chat widget, but it didn´t work :sweat: