Checkbox - Enable / disable on button click

I have created a FORM. "Created different groups. In 1 Group i have included all checkboxes. and then “OK/SAVE” Button"I have to give the condition that at least 1 of the checkboxes has to be TRUE only then OK/SAVE BUTTON Will be enabled and working.

For your button, under ‘Appearance’ make sure to check ‘This button isn’t clickable’.

Under ‘Conditional’, set a condition ‘When: ‘Checkbox 1 is checked’ or Checkbox 2 is checked or Checkbox 3 is checked’ etc and go through all the checkboxes you need to factor in. Make sure you are using the operative ‘or’ between each of these.

Under ‘Select a property to change when true’, choose ‘This element isn’t clickable’ but make sure the checkbox next to that one (next to the delete icon’) is unchecked, thereby making this condition ‘this element is clickable’

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