"this element isn't clickable" conditional formatting not working


This has been bugging me for a couple of days here. I need some buttons to be clickable only when the user has sufficient privileges. The thing is set up like this:
With a conditional:
To be on the safe side the delete function needs sufficient privileges and a confirmation by the checkbox. Didn’t work. To check the issue I removed the account privilege check, but still nada:

I have solved things like this earlier with great results - anybody, any idea, what’s wrong here?
@emmanuel? @josh?

edit: the same conditions work great on “this element is visible” tag. No problems there. Just the clickability is the one refusing to cooperate.

Is the button actually clickable when it shouldn’t be, or does it just look like it is clickable? I ask because simply making it un-clickable won’t necessarily give it the faded look that you may want. You may have to add a new condition that states when this button is not clickable, use a different background colour or opacity.

Nope. When set to non-clickable, from the main preferences, it won’t turn clickable even if the conditional says it should. Neither in colour nor in function.
Colours are, in this instance of secondary importance - changing them is easy and works as it should. The main thing is clickability of the button needed for keeping the permission to delete stuff from database a privilege of select few individuals.

Seems to be peculiar to the checkbox value. It works with other element conditions.

And even more odd … if you create a button that works on, say, an input, then copy it and now change it to be triggered on a checkbox … it works.

But not if you do it from new.

Hmm. Will test on that later. In addition to checkboxes user privilege checks (user thing has a yes/no value of a certain privilege) also fail to produce effect.

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