Checkbox Super Sluggish Visual Toggle

I have this UI for toggling notifications, and I’m using auto-binding for each option on the user (yes/no) field.

When you click to toggle a checkbox, it can take up to 3 seconds to actually react and select/deselect it. Basically, it freezes up the browser for a second.

Any ideas on how I can avoid this on my end? Or is this a bug?

I’m wondering if maybe Bubble is doing the auto-bind operation before it is changing the input to reflect the selected/deselected status, when it should be the other way around to ensure expected behavior visually.

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Yeah I believe its doing DB change and then that is represented later, but I feel like a lot of elements I use with autobind cover this delay by just showing the state immediately?

Could test another checkbox plugin with auto bind and see if they have it solved, or could move to a workflow so you can get it to change to ticked and then change the db.

Hey there,

I have a hunch it’s due to the fact you’re showing so many fields on the page at one time. I believe you will increase the performance (and also much improve the UI) if you implement an accordion like this:

Where you use a state (call it tab…) where each section is only visible if the tab state is equal to a specific value. This way, you’ll eliminate the possibility of the sheer number of fields being a performance hindrance and your app will appear to be more polished.

Have fun bubbling!


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