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Clear data created by plugin

I am testing a Stripe integration on my site and the Stripe plugin (by Bubble) appears to be storing data on the User and there is no apparent way for me to clear that. The problem it has created is that I cleared out the Customers (and other data) in my Stripe test mode to prepare for UAT. Now, when existing accounts in Bubble attempt to make a test purchase, I receive an error because it is passing a Customer id that was stored in Bubble but now no longer exists in Stripe. How can I view and clear the data that plugins store? If I search for the Customer id from the error in the App data Users view, it shows the result of the User who attempted the charge but it is not in any of the fields I can view.


Bubble has a deep integration with Stripe. The user object shows Stripe fields when building expressions. You can choose to store them so that they become “visible” to you on text fields on the user object or on any other object in the database (example stripe acct id). You can also choose to create new text fields to store any other information that you need in case you have built your own api calls to Stripe.

What you send over to Stripe is within your control.

Hope the above makes sense.

Thanks for the response and sorry for the late reply, I wanted to do a couple tests to see if I understand correctly.

I understand now how I can store that information if I need to, and while that could be useful in the future, is not the root of my issue. The issue I’m having is that the field “Stripe Customer ID” is invisible and seemingly uneditable to me in the Data section of the builder. Sure, I can store it in my own “Stripe Customer ID” field, but that field is only a duplicate. The first time a Charge is created in Stripe, it populates that invisible field and if the that Customer is ever deleted from the Stripe database, it will still exist in Bubble and error out whenever future payments are made because Bubble is sending that Stripe Customer ID that doesn’t show up in my database. I have no way of purging my database of that field without deleting the user. I’m trying to understand why the fields created by the plugin do not show up in my database.

Hello @flowtron

The why, I gather, is likely due to security considerations. That information is made available only through workflow actions. The Bubble dev is the one who chooses whether to store it on additional fields in the dB.