Where to see plugin data?

Where can I see the data stored with a plugin? For example, where can I see the customer ID that’s stored after Stripe creates a customer?

Thank you.

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Try this: Drop a text element, edit that text and click on “Insert Dynamic Data”.
There, click on “Current user” and scroll down. There you should see a customers ID.

In general, it’s via “Insert Dynamic Data” where you can see a plugin’s exposed states (data)

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Thanks for the response. If I wanted to edit the customer’s ID, is there a way? Or at least to remove it?

I deleted a customer within Stripe, so the customer ID no longer is valid. I wanted a way to remove the customer ID from the user in bubble.


I’m not sure about the intricacies of Stripe’s plugin, but I would venture to say that a Customer’s ID is assigned my Stripe, not Bubble, and I see no way (nor any reason!) to delete it or manipulate it.

Maybe I’m not explaining it well, sorry about that.

Basically I’m testing out the ability for users to add a credit card to their account. During the testing, I sometimes delete the customer within stripe so I can try the signup flow again.

But I’m having issues because Bubble still has the old customer ID even though I’ve deleted it within Stripe. I was hoping I could just delete the customer ID associated with the user. But it seems the plugin data is not modifiable, if I’m understanding things correctly. If I delete a customer within Stripe, and the customer ID is no longer valid, there’s not way for me to remove that invalid customer ID from an existing user within Bubble. Unless I’m missing something.

Doesn’t the Bubble user get a new customer ID the moment they do a new transaction if you deleted that customer from Stripe?

No, Bubble sends the (deleted) customer ID to Stripe and Stripe responds with an error saying that the customer ID doesn’t exist (which makes sense).

So for now all I can do is delete the entire user within Bubble and redo the signup flow. I just thought there would be an easy way to edit the plugin data from within the Data viewer. But seems there’s no way.