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Clear the contents of an input/search field?

I’d like to have an “x” icon on the far right side of an autocomplete search, so that when a user clicks it, it clears the contents of the box. It would simplify my users being able to change their search parameters.

Is there currently a workflow that can do this?

Like this ?

Yes, but you need to put the Input Box inside a GROUP (you can just seen the outline in the image).

Then in your workflow you can RESET the GROUP that has the Input. (And maybe reset the anything you had searched on too).

Although you could probably do the same with a state now.

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Thanks @NigelG, that did the trick!

Hi Nigel,

I did this on my input form and it works. However, in the initial condition -> where the icon is displayed when the input value is not empty, there is a lag before the icon appears. Is there anyway to make it instantaneous? Once a letter is punched in, I want the icon to appear already. Is there a way to do this?

Thank you.