Clearing only one input from a group

Hi everyone,

After searching for an answer here I have not found how I can achieve what I want since Bubble doesn’t allow modification of the value of an input except resetting all fields of a group or loading data from DB.

So here’s a part of the donation form I’m creating:

In order to make things simple for users, the bottom input is enabled only when “other” is selected with the radio buttons.
Let’s say that a user enters a custom value in that input, but then changes their mind and chooses one of the first 4 options available with the radio buttons.

I’d then like to only reset the bottom input so that user doesn’t find themselves with a selected value on top and another in the now disabled input in the bottom. That’d be confusing.

I cannot reset data or inputs of the group when something other than “Other” is selected since it instantly erases any choice made with the radio buttons (they’re in the same group since the element resetting the inputs is the radio buttons elements itself)

Does anyone have a way to do what I want? Even a complex workaround would be fine!


PS: Coming from kind of a dev background and seeing the powerful options Bubble provide, I find it really surprising that there is no direct way to change an input values to whatever you want. There must be a reason which I’m not seeing here

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There is a very simple way out. Just put the input value you want to reset into another group and reset that group fields.

You can also put the radio button in a group as well.
So, the hierarchy would look like
Main group which has 2 inner groups and one inner group will have radio buttons and one inner group the input value.
You can reset whichever inner group you like based on conditions.


That’s great, thank you! :grinning:

I didn’t notice I could reset data in another group. I also got confused by the “Reset inputs” action, which is not the one to use here.

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