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How can I show certain group show when I click a button?

There are different buttons and different groups. Each button correnponds to each group, when a button is pressed, a group corresponding to the button shows up. How can I make that happen?

To be specific, I want “Experience pre-departure” group show up when I click the button “Before”. And if I click “during” button, “Experience pre-departure” group will dissapear and “Experience during” group will show up.

Also, as a default, I want the “Experience pre-departure” group to be shown.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Hi there,… one way to do what you described is when a button is clicked, set a custom state to a particular value, and put a condition on the corresponding group that says when the custom state is the particular value, the group is visible. If you give the custom state a default value that corresponds to the condition on the “Experience pre-departure” group, that group will appear when the page is loaded.

Hope this helps.



Create a state named “display” with a default value “experience pre-departure”. When you click the button “before”, set the state of “display” to “experience pre-departure”. If you click the “during” button, set the state to “experience during”. Now that you have your states ready, go to the group element and add a condition, When: index’s display is “experience pre-departure”, turn on the visibility of that group and vice versa if it’s not turn it off. Same goes with the “experience during” group.


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