Clicking a button/link on one page that scrolls to a specific section on a different page

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Tried to bumble around figuring it out myself, but the forum is so brilliantly helpful I figured I’d ask!

Sensing if it’s doable might have to do with the parameters, but not sure how I would exactly go about setting that up.

Has anyone done this or know how to?

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You can send a custom parameter when sending a user to another page.

I.e: Go to page x + send parameter: scroll_to: value

On the destination page, create a condition when page URL is (value)



@yusaney1 thank you for your feedback!

So, in the first screenshot, “result” is just anything you want to name the parameter? Or is this a dynamic element that you have to attach?

Second screenshot, how are you finding that parameter in the Only When field? I can’t seem to locate it. Are you using “get data from a URL” ?

1- Yes, it just a name, but can be a dynamic result.

2- Get data from URL:

Parameter name: You have to use exactly the same parameter you created in the first step.

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Oh awesome. I got it working, thanks so much!

For others finding this thread, you will use the “Get data from URL page” in the “Only When” field, and then you have to select “is”, and then manually type the second part of the original parameter you set, in this case it was “scroll to = result”… so use “result”.

Then in the workflow action pick where you want to scroll the user to
Then pick your element. In my case, group C.

Very simple, thanks for the walkthru @yusaney1!

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