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Looking for Technical Cofounder (GPT-3 Bubble App Launching)


I am about to launch an AI-related bubble app within the next week. I have been working with OpenAI’s Davinci models for over a year and have invested over $2,000 in tokens. As a product-market fit specialist, I have helped startups build high-utility products quickly and then helped them grow. One of my previous apps was an iOS app called VideoEasy which received over 4 million downloads and $350k+ in subscription revenue.

I am looking for a Bubble master to take over the development of my current project so I can focus on fundraising and marketing. If you have experience building custom back-end services, near pixel-perfect UI design (Figma to Bubble), scaling apps quickly on Bubble without it breaking down, and building custom APIs, I would be interested in hearing from you.

The app I’m about to launch is a brand new way of thinking about interfacing with AI. Feel free to reach out if you think you are a potential fit as a cofounder!

Looking forward! No seriously ; )

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Hello @chris64
I have sent you PM, please check it.
thank you

Hello @chris64

I can help, Kindly let me know how we can proceed.


Hi @chris64!

I would love to hear more about your project and see if I can help. I’ve already made several GPT-based applications both in and out of Bubble. Here is an example of one: Chatbot GPT Plugin | Bubble

Feel free to message me if interested! Looking forward to hearing from you,

Hi Chris,

We would love to help you with this. We have experience working with solo-founded / early stage start-ups (pre CTO hire) to build first MVPs. Besides this may have some potential candidates for you via the Incubator Entrepreneur First.

Our team have been Bubble developers since 2019. In 2023 we will have developed and launched commercially viable web applications for 50k+ users.

I will send you a DM with more context on Viewport. Would be great to schedule a short introduction call to learn more.