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Coaching Bubble - Way to access past newsletters?

@romanmg, is there a way for new members of the Bubble community to access your previous newsletters? …I can imagine it’d be super helpful if there were a way to scroll through them or, even better, provide a searchable index.

Just an idea.


Hey @sridharan.s, at the moment, I have the archive accessible only to those who are subscribed. I include a link to it in every newsletter and in the welcome email you get when you first subscribe. At some point, I will be opening up more written guides and things to everyone, specifically for new users to get acquainted with Bubble basics.

The searchable index is definitely a good idea though for the archive in general. Right now, it’s just a chron list, but I’ve got a few month’s worth on there now, I should do this! Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

If anyone who wants to subscribe is reading this, the newsletter is free and comes out every week. You can get on the list at!


Thanks @romanmg.

@nickwhiteishere, I’d recommend that you check out Gaby’s newsletter if you’re looking to understand Bubble better.

Welcome, @nickwhiteishere! Happy to scope things out with you but definitely take advantage of this forum as well!