Collapse Element Slide/Up Down Animation Control

I would like to control the animation for collapsing elements inside of repeating groups. The slide up/down is going way too fast. I can’t seem to use Workflows to target elements inside of Repeating groups.

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Tryt add class to the group .transitionDuration-m {transition: 0.3s !important;}

Now for this you should already know… use a state or something outside of the rg to trigger the hide condition

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I want to animate on hover. Should this be accessible through states?

yeah just use active cell plugin easy. But really you shouldnt rely on bubble animation, just create your own with css. When you need to target specific cell inside repeating group do this:

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The active cell plugin doesn’t have the ability to execute twice, works great though for one time. I will check the CSS part. Thanks taiheta

@mintflow can you add the ability to execute more than once on hover?


Have you tried to adjust the transition speed of these actions through the transitions tab? That should be all you need to do no?

Hi, has anyone been able to solve this? I tried easing transitions but the only thing that seems to make sense is Background transitions and that doesn’t work.

Hi @Taiheta, do you know how this would be done when the transition is within a reusable element?

I’ve ended up using an animate workflow

Hi. Bringing up this old conversation because I’m having this same issue. My sidebar navigation (A repeating group with another repeating group in each cell for sub-topics) collapses and expands way too fast.

I’m using slide up/down for the Animate the collapse operation. But I’ve also tried the CSS mentioned above and cannot manage to have any results.

Can someone explain specifically what CSS I add to which elements to get this to work?