Collapse group button is missing from my group editor

I am using a tutorial I found on Youtube to build an app and the group editor is missing the collapse group button. It should be underneath the “make this element visible on page load” checkmark or did it move? Please help!

Hi there, @franceska… the collapse setting isn’t there because the parent container type is fixed. Set the parent container type to anything other than fixed, and the collapse setting will appear.

Oh, and since you are new to the forum, I will mention that the question you asked has been asked and answered a number of times already, so don’t hesitate to search the forum before posting because you can often find the answer you need pretty quickly.


Thanks for your quick response!

I see the option when I change the parent container to something other than fixed but it’s still not behaving how I’d like. I want the group and the input inside the group to appear and disappear depending on what a user selects in a drop down menu. How can I accomplish that?

Well, that’s an entirely different question. One way you can do it is to put conditions on the group to make it appear/disappear when the dropdown’s value is a particular value. You could also explore the use of custom states.

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