Collapsed group and image won't come back

I have a group which contains an image and I want them to collapse and hide when the width for the group is < 400 px, and I want the group on the left side take the whole page. This works perfectly when I’m setting the condition for the image group “as shown in the screenshot”.

The problem is that the image group is not popping back up when the width is back to over 400px. The group and the image stays collapsed and hidden, and the group on the left side still takes most part of the page. I want both groups back to normal when the image group width is > 400px again.

I will appreciate your help and feedback :slight_smile:

Instead of “group width”, try to set the condition to “current page width”

Ankur@ Nocodetalks
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Worked perfectly! Thank you so much @ankur1 :star_struck: