Collapsing popup

How do I make a popup collapse? Everything else works fine, i.e. the log-in form collapses when the sign-up form is hidden as they’re inside a group, but the popup stays the same height.

First make sure that the elements within it are set to collapse when hidden.

Then check that the popup’s minimum height is small enough (even 0) to allow it to collapse.

@adamhholmes Thanks. Unfortunately it now doesn’t show at all after reducing the height to 0. If I change it to 100 or 250, it only shows a portion of the form and a scroll bar down the side, and it still doesn’t show the ‘switch button’, which is set to be visible.

The popup is set to ‘fixed’. Does it need to be a column, too?

Yes, if the pop up is fixed, then it won’t collapse (fixed means its dimensions are ‘fixed’ and won’t change).

If you want it to be responsive then you need to use a responsive layout option (I.e. anything other than fixed).

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Thank you, @adamhholmes!

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