Do popups respond to collapsed height?

I’m having trouble with a multistep form in a popup, that doesn’t adjust to the height of the groups it contains. So it ends up showing a lot of blank space in the parts of the form that have fewer fields.

I may easily have made a mistake, but before I spend a lot of time digging into it: do any of you know if popups adjust their height based on collapsed groups? Or is this group type an exception?

I’ve always found that popups are an exception. If someone knows otherwise please do share!


Thanks! I can probably make the popup transparent and use background color on the subgroup instead.


Anyone know the answer to this? I’m running into a similar challenge.

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I just tested it, and it does change the size (this might be an update, or I might have done it the wrong way the first time. I was pretty new to Bubble).

As with other groups, they cannot overlap though, so for multiple steps you might end up with some long popups. For the user though, it should look ok:


Hi Petter,

Did you go try the transparent popup with white groups?
As I have the same issue with a re-usable element, the popup for signup/login. Annoyingly there is quite a height difference and have set both the groups inside to collapse height when not visible…Any thoughts?


Yes, they do. Avoid overlapping. I sometimes use ‘dummy’ blank collapse groups to counter any areas that aren’t collapsing as expected. Also tend to stack my groups as far as I can rather than overlap so it’s more consistent.

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Yeah, I do the same thing. Another thing I do on big pages is to place an always invisible group stacked between two groups that are visible at different times. That way, if I need to make a height change on any of the two visible groups, I can just adjust the height of the always invisible group instead of having to adjust every group of the page.