Columns rearranging randomly in backend. SUPER ANNOYING during build

Hey y’all!
I am trying to input some basic app data into the backend so I can test the functionality of the app.

When I go into the tables, the columns don’t exactly sort into an order, which is fine since Bubble gives you the option to move columns around and stretch or shrink them as appropriate to make viewing easier.

…OR SO I THOUGHT! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I go to look at another table, go back, and everything is changed again.

Column order is different. Column widths are different.

Happens with both OG Tables and Modified tables.

I can’t get the pattern either.

Seems like there is one, but it also seems kinda random.

Absurdly annoying because it makes testing 5-10x slower as you have to get your bearings on each table over and over again.

Any ideas?

SOME bits to the pattern actually…

…arranging columns in one table seems to sometimes change the same columnformatting in another table.

THAT is definitely part of the problem.

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Now that I am irate and running actual experiments on this this here is what seems to be happening.

Making a change in one column in one table AFFECTS ALL OTHER TABLES!

That’s the bug.

Ill report and make a separate forum post but would love if other people know if this is happening to them as well

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happens to me as well. would love to know the fix

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This also happens to me and it is super annoying!
It makes me spend a lot of wasted time when checking the data while building my apps.

The problem behavour is the following:
In the Data / App Data tab, in any data view, when changing a column position or width in one table/view, the change happens for ALL tables/views.

In the ‘All Users’ view, if I move the first column to the 3rd position, the first column for ALL other views, independend of that thing it is related to, will change to the 3rd position. If I had ‘All Messages’, ‘All Products’ views, all of their first columns would have moved to the 3rd position.

Same goes for column width. If I change the width in one column in one view, it is reflected to ALL other views, for all other things, related to that column position in each view.

Would love a fix, pls.