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Formatting ONE App Data Table Changes ALL OTHER TABLES

Hey friends!

I am experiencing a massively annoying bug in the App Data Tables in the backend.

When I format one column of a table it applies the same formatting to EVERY OTHER TABLE I created.

For example…

In Table 1 Column 1 I stretch it to half the page…

Then the first column stretches in every other table!


… but it rearranges columns too.

So, for example, if you move the first column to the third position in one table, it will do that with every single table.

AND WHAT IS EVEN CRAZIER is that when you reload the page, a whole bunch of stuff then resets!

It makes no sense. and it is very frustrating.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Hey @brian4

Thanks for the post and sorry for the trouble with this!

It might make sense to submit a bug report with this so we can take a closer look at the underlying behavior here and make sure things are working as expected.

Thanks Andrew,

I did and spoke with Niki…

…apparently it is not a bug…

…but simply not a feature yet. Team is aware it is an issue.

I look forward to it getting added!


Perfect! Thanks for the update here! I wasn’t entirely sure… But our bug investigation team can work with engineering to look at the underlying code and identify the expected behavior. Regardless, thanks for the callout! Looks like there’s some room for improvement in this area.

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