Combination of Lists from different users

I have an app that has multiple users and each user should have multiple lists. One list for themselves and then however many lists with other users. for example there is Joe, Jane and Rick. Rick would have one list for himself, one list for him with Jane and another for him with Joe Is there a way to create a shared list between different users?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Have a new data type called “Lists” or something like that.

Not sure what this is a list of, but lets say they are list of CAKES.

Then have fields like…

Shared With : Type User
Things on the List : Type Cake - tick the “this field is a list” box.

That way you can have as many lists as you like.

Nigel, I think I got a way to do this. I have a datatype that has 2 lists and 2 fields. the fields are user1 and user 2 names, and I have 2 lists. 1 for the data and 1 for the sorting. How can I display the data in the first list (which is a separate datatype) and sorted by the second list in this datatype?