Combine multiple data types (of different structure) and show the combined output in a repeating group

Hey Friends, I need help in combining multiple Data Types and showing the output in a Repeating Group.

Please see the attached image for detailed illustration.

Thanks in advance.


Relate them and fuse the searches using :merge with

Different structures means that you’ll have to convert each of them into the type of the last RG (RG-4) and then display the complete list in RG-4.

I’d schedule a workflow on a list 3 times - once for each data type - IN, OUT and CHG. In the workflow, create a new thing of RG-4’s type and copy in the data from the item being iterated on.

Finally display the entire list in RG-4

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All types are related to each other as mentioned in the picture and I think :merge joins the types horizontally. I have tried many combinations with :merge but doesn’t work.

Hi Ranjit, thank you for your reply. So, every time a report is generated of RG-4 type I have to create a new thing (first time only) and then populate this new thing from the 3 data types?

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