Come check out Beta, a book community website built with bubble saving thousands of dollars!

Hey There!


For 6 months now I have been trying to get this website built talking to so many developers and haggling and facing all kind of disappointments.

I thought I will not be able to get it built anytime soon and then I came across bubble and as a last ditch effort I thought I will give it a try.

Now I have no coding experience whatsoever and yet I was able to create a rough version in one day (didn’t sleep, was hooked.)

After 3 weeks, Now the website is ready with first version for everyone to check out and sign up!


The site :

Idea: As a book reader one thing always bothered me that I was never able to write out more about the books that I am reading, engage with other book readers and have sort of a community of similar book lovers.

Which is when I thought of shelfcoo

What can you do on it?

Finished a book recently?
Well you can come to the website, add description of the book the way you felt it is, add recommendations, reviews and even start/reply to discussions.

Looking for a book to read?
You can come to shelfcoo and discover books from the community and read about them from the readers, or engage in communities/discussions.

Features Remaining:
There are some features remaining that still have to be worked on which will add to the community part of it but I wanted to get it out and get some feedback/traction going!

I look forward to you guys giving the website shelfcoo a test run and giving feedback good/bad.

Special mentions:
@fayewatson helped out a lot with answering my stupid questions, to helping me solve some complicated issues. Thanks man!

@jr_veg did the discussion box part of the website.



Looks nice, congratulations! I like how you can add those books after searching for them and in general I like the colors!

Some things I noted:

Clicking on the random button up top nothing is really happening, I imagine you are supposed to get an advise for a book to read there?

The recently added scroll to the left never let’s you scroll to the right completely since stuff needs to be loaded I imagine, it felt a bit weird.

Good luck with your project and congrats on the result so far!

Hey Timon,

Thanks for checking it out.

With random button once you click it there should be a dropdown for you to select a category from? Did you get that toggle? After which if you are talking about dropdown select, it takes a bit few seconds to load but then you can select the category and go to random book in that category.

Recently added, yea… it shows certain books and then loads the next bunch otherwise it would take forever to load the entire box. I think it is setup this way from bubbles side.

Let me know if there are any other things you want to let me know about!

Congratulations! Looks and works pretty well on my phone. Have not yet viewed it with a desktop browser.

Did you develop mobile-specific versions of the pages, or was the site created using responsive design techniques?

Also, how did you create the horizontally scrolling list of books? Is that a built-in widget of some kind, or did it require custom logic?

The random link in the top right displays a drop-down list with a button, but they’re both disabled. The list never seems to populate.

Anyway, nice job. Makes me even more eager to start my own project with Bubble.


Hey Thanks for the kind words!

Yes I did develop a specific mobile version as the responsive was not working out the way I wanted.

The horizontal is a setting in repeating groups no custom logic behind it.

I have edited to show only custom text so now it loads instantly, earlier with too many categories it would take forever to load.