Community, unite for bubble!

Since there are a few topics about performance here, and since this affects me personally, I don’t want to go and pay a developer to build native apps, when I’ve wasted so much time and money here… (wasted if I will go build a native app after all this), I will suggest something:
let’s unite and contribute with some donation.

  1. Community will have a poll to chose what needs improved like yesterday.
  2. Bubble team will provide an amount of money they need to FAST fix the performance issues based on the result from that poll.
  3. Bubble will provide multiple wallets (you can use like BTC, LTC, etc to be paid in, PayPal, and direct CC payment options.
  4. A donate-o-meter so we can see when we reached the amount of money needed.

Problem fixed.
Who’s with me?


Like the idea. We have discussed a version of this before too. See An investment round by bubble users