Relationship with tables

Hello and forgive my numerous doubts as this is my first contact with Bubble.

I have a doubt that is probably easy to solve but I can’t find the right key.

It is about the relationship between tables, but I think I’m doing it wrong or I can’t find the key.

I put you in situation:
I have 2 tables, a Users table (The one that is generated when creating a registration form) that works correctly, it logs in, registers new users and even when you go to the page in the application to change the data, these are updated in the Users Database. So far so good.
My problem comes with another Database which I need to associate from the User Database the fields “Name and Profile Image”, so that when I update it in the page to update the profile data, this is also updated in that second table called “Members” but when I create the field “Name” in that second Database and associate it with the “User” Database when I do the Workflow to create a new entry in the “Member” Database I get the error: “Create New Members…: value should be User but right now is a text”.

I would like to add that the information that I want to collect for the “Members” Database is collected from a cell of a Repeating Group, so this could also be a problem.

I hope that my explanation of the problem is clarifying for you, if not do not hesitate to consult me.



This last image is from the Repeating group where it takes the information for the “Members” database.

Then Nombre field is set to User rather than type text. You’re trying to save a text to a User field (fitting a square peg into a round hole). Change the data type of the Nombre field to text by deleting it and creating a new one.

Also is there a reason Members is a separate data type instead of just making registered Users members of something? Depends on your use case.

Good. Thanks for the clarification
The second question I did not understand what you mean, thank you.